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A Modest Proposal

We all know that Tumblr goes freakin’ crazy over Halloween.  Which is right and good and how it should be.


We also know that Christmas is fast encroaching.  Some stores already have small Christmas displays set up.  We will be flooded with them by November 1st.  We won’t even have all of our Halloween makeup removed by the time stores are advertising Christmas!

To that I say “No more!”

I propose we push back the only way we can.  By making Thanksgiving the biggest holiday of the year!

Seriously, I want to see posts about Thanksgiving all day, every day!  I want Thanksgiving cosplay!  I want picketers standing next to Santa Claus holding signs that say “Where’s my turkey?!” Take all that energy that we all give to Halloween, and give it to Thanksgiving!

Even if you’re not American!  Take Thanksgiving and make it your own!  You have as much right to give thanks as anybody else!

This year, Thanksgiving will no longer be known only as an American holiday, but as the day when the world declared in one voice “We will not go quietly into the night!  We will not vanish without a fight!  We’re going to eat Turkey!  We’re going to eat pies!  Today we take November back from Christmas!”

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